Hi Annmarie,

Thank you for a spectacular performance!

From someone who knew little about modern country prior to last night, I and my wife Patti really liked what we heard. Given that many in the audience wee singing along, and that I was thanked for bringing Southern Voice Band to Ansonia – I am a convert to the genre…great band, guitar, bass and drums rocking nicely! Not to mention both singers, energetic and passionate vocals.

And your version of Boogie Oogie Oogie was a great countrified arrangement.

And you were the first of the performers to have a sound person, the sound was perfect – plenty of volume but not to much. Perfect sound with the wired mikes…and we’ve not had an encore by anyone else this year.

Definitely you will be back in Ansonia next year – maybe on multiple occasions.

Again, thanks for the finest performance of the season next to City Hall.

Best Regards,