Country Jam 2012

My name is Tyler Volpert and a few months ago I was diagnosed with Perthes Disease. Do you know what Perthes Disease is?

Probably not… Most people do not. It affects 1 in 1,500 Children between the ages of 5 and 12. The blood supply in the femeral head of my hip has stopped and my hip is collapsing. I am not allowed to run, jump, etc the things that most kids get to do.

I am also selling these bracelets for $3.00 online (due to paypal fee and shipping cost we have to raise the price) the money raised will go to a medical fund that is up at Wells Fargo Bank. You can also make donations at any Wells Fargo Bank, under Tyler Volpert Medical Fund

On September 12 2012 I went to Baltimore Maryland to see one of the best doctors out there for Perthes Disease. Dr. Shawn Standard, he drilled small holes in my femeral head. Then he took my bone marrow and stem cells and injected the healthy cells in to the small holes to try and bring the bone back. I will wear this metal hardware seen in the image below called an external fixator 4 months.



Once that is removed I will wear braces for 2 and then another 2 months with a wedge.

On September 23 2012 there is going to be a Country Jam benefit concert for Tylers Fight and the Save a Limb Foundation at the Cadillac Ranch in Southington Connecticut. Several local bands Southern Voice, Nashville Drive, Branded Country, and Hazzard Country will be there to help spread the word on this disease.


Thank you, Tyler Volpert

For more information about volunteering or donating please contact me Annmarie Volpert


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